Mitra Luar Negeri Klub Cahaya

Klub Cahaya tidak menunjuk pihak lain untuk bertindak atas namanya sebagai agen di negara lain kecuali di Hong Kong. Rincian agen dinyatakan di bawah ini.

Hong Kong
Golden Lion Universal Limited (Golden Lion)

Unit 804F, Lai Cheong Factory Bldg,
479, Castle Peak Road, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2370 2386
e-mail : [email protected]

Bank of China (Hong Kong) Ltd, Account Number : 026-704-0009966-5

Golden Lion Universal Limited (Golden Lion)

Manufacturer of high quality metal buttons and plastic buttons, metal buckles, rivets, eyelets, fashion belts, garment labels, laces, tapes and elastics Established in 1991, we develop in-house designed items as well as manufacture pre-designed items. We also assist in product development and render technical advice.

Our specialties are all types of metal buttons, plastic buttons, fashion belts, elastics, lace and labels. We produce buyer-designed items, assist in product development and render technical advice on trimmings. Also we provide to both garment buyers and garments makers a complete package of accessories that are consolidated and delivered as one package. And we help value drive the supply chain management functions of our customers. Our prices are very competitive and our service will meet your complete satisfaction.

All our products are manufactured under strict quality standards at our factories in China. We have two factories in China, one in the Southern Industrial City of DongGuan, Sa Lau Ok Industrial Zone in the Guangdong province about two hours from Hong Kong and one in the North of Shanghai, in the Industrial city of Dashun in Jiasing county of the Zhejiang province about 5 hours north of Shanghai. We have approx 200 workers in each factory and a capacity of 30,000 to 40,000 gross of snap buttons and jeans shank button at each facility.

For better control and faster action our Hong Kong Office together with the various in-country offices carries out all communications and coordination between the buyers and the production facilities.

Mitra Luar Negeri Klub Cahaya

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